Back in Touch

A return to traditional but deeper methods of reaching out to friends and family! 


Back in Touch has one simple goal - to remind you of friends, relatives or even acquaintances who might otherwise be forgotten, lost or left out in that cold ever growing list that is your phone book. 

In a world where more and more important or even personal communication happens deliberately or accidentally via posts on social networking platforms, Back in Touch takes the bold step of returning to traditional but deeper methods of communication. The app provides a beautiful and refreshing new interface that promotes one-to-one communication via phone calls, email or SMS. 


  1. Automatic reach out reminders: Automatically makes suggestions to reach out to friends you contact least often.
  2. Reach Out Goals:  Create reach out goals like "Contact 20 friends in 20 days". 
  3. Reach Out Book: A graphical representation of your address book. It offers a beautiful and refreshing new way to view your contacts.
  4. Reminders: Set reminders "just to say hi" or to "pay a surprise visit". Reminders need not only be for shopping lists. 
  5. Tidy up your address book. 
  6.  Disable reminders for some contacts.