Best Price

Buyers: Find best price and location

Sellers: Find buyers



BestPrice is an innovative and revolutionary mobile app designed to do two things:

  1. Help buyers find the best price and location for goods and services with ease
  2. Help retailers (or service providers) have improved access to new customers

You can either have a 'Buy' account or 'Sell' account. With a 'Buy' account you can search for and buy products or services. With a 'Sell' account, you receive notifications for product or service requests and you can place price offers (bids) for requests. Everything happens on an Android device.

How it works

  1. Simply type the description of the product you want, tap a button and let the magic begin!
  2. We notify every seller of that item about your request and they start placing bids.
  3. You get notified whenever there is a new "best bid". The location of the seller is also shown.
  4. Our algorithm filters the noise and presents you with only the best four offers.
  5. You choose the Best Price based on the bid value and the seller location.