NSE Ticker

Analyse, Ascertain performance, Make informed decisions! 



The problem

With an impressive growth rate of 47% in 2013, the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is one of the fastest growing stock markets in the world. . Despite its enviable position, accessibility to the NSE has been impeded by the lack of  mobile applications for analysing, presenting and consuming data on the NSE  – a huge gap in a world where market transactions are conducted in real time – but that’s about to change!

NSE Ticker - The solution

NSE Ticker is a beautifully designed iPhone and iPad application that equips novice and professional investors as well as stock market enthusiasts with tools to

  1.  Analyse the Nigerian Stock Market.
  2. Easily seek out the best and worst performing companies from an ocean of stocks.
  3. Make informed investment decisions.

NSE Ticker employs an easy-to-use but sophisticated and powerful interface to help you make meaning of financial data. It presents data on the NSE  using four services namely: PRICES, COMPARE, HEAT MAP and SNAPSHOT

NSE Ticker services



  1. Historic price charts and trade volume charts for all NSE securities.

  2. Delayed real-time price, price change and percent change.

  3. High resolution PDF prints for price/volume charts.

  4. Multiple zoom options for high granularity.





  1. Compare prices for up to 12 securities on the same chart.
  2. Normalised y-axis for easy comparison.
  3. Compare trade volumes for up to 12 securities (iPad).
  4. Multiple zoom options for high granularity.

Heat Map

  1. View performance of all NSE securities at a glance.
  2. Easily pick out the best and worst performers.
  3. Heat map includes ranking of each listed security.
  4. Colour codes instantly show you the state of the market for any day.


  1. Performance summary card for each NSE security with key performance indicators.