Back in Touch v1.1 Released 



Back in Touch, an app that reminds you of  friends, family or even acquaintances that may be lost or forgotten in your ever-growing phone book has been released on the Apple App Store. 

In a world where more and more important or even personal communication happens deliberately or accidentally via posts on social networking platforms, Back in Touch takes the bold step of returning to traditional but deeper methods of communication. The app provides an interface that promotes one-to-one communication via phone calls, email or SMS.

Back in Touch looks through your phone book and makes suggestions for you to reach out to friends and family who've been contacted the least. You can disable this automatic function and manually create reach out goals like "contact 20 friends in 20 days" and the app manages the goal. All your activities are managed by a feature called the Reach Out Book. This is a graphical representation of your phone book. The Reach Out Book is complete with: a page for each contact, useful stats for each contact, tools for managing communication with each contact and some fun animations.

Back in Touch offers a plethora of other useful features like allowing you to get rid of stale contacts in your phone book and the generic reminder feature which allows you to set reminders to "pay someone a surprise visit" or "just to say hello". While it may not be a specific feature, Back in Touch utilises an interface that hopes to give you something extra beyond its primary functions. For instance, a contact's page in  Reach Out Book looks better as you contact them more frequently or chaotic when you don't contact them!

Whether you want to finally keep your promise of keeping in touch with your friends and family or you simply want a more elegant way of viewing your phone book, Back in Touch has something for you.

Available worldwide for $1.99 on iPhone running iOS 5.1 or later.

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